A federal Liberal election candidate has resigned after apologising to voters and Opposition Leader Tony

Abbott over a personal website containing lewd and sexist content.


Mr Abbott’s office confirmed on Tuesday evening Kevin Baker won’t stand for former Labor minister Greg Combet’s NSW seat of Charlton.

But his name remains on the ballot paper because nominations have closed.

“I understand that while my name will still appear on the ballot paper, my campaign is over,” Mr Baker said in a statement.

“I deeply regret the posts made on my website and decided it wasn’t appropriate to continue as the party’s candidate.”

His resignation came after Mr Abbott was on Tuesday afternoon briefed about his case.

Mr Baker was forced to shut down his “Mini-Mods” forum site for car enthusiasts.

The site contained references to incest, domestic violence, racism and child abuse and the content can still be viewed under cache settings.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had called on Mr Abbott to “man up” and disendorse Mr Baker.

NSW Liberal director Mark Neeham confirmed the party would not be represented in Charlton at the election, meaning there would be no more campaigning or money spent.

However, voters can still tick the box supporting Mr Baker on September 7.  

Mr Abbott said earlier on Tuesday Mr Baker had done the wrong thing.

“He has abjectly apologised, as he should, and the site has been closed down,” Mr Abbott said.

“Yep, he’s done the wrong thing.”  

Soon after the federal election campaign began, Labor candidate for the safe seat of Hotham Geoff Lake was sacked over remarks he made to a Monash City councillor 11 years ago.

“We intervened, took counsel and acted,” Mr Rudd.

Mr Abbott said Labor was in no position to lecture the coalition about political probity, given that its ministers had appeared before the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption.


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