Charging veteran Essendon club doctor Bruce Reid with bringing the AFL into disrepute is like putting a big gun in front of Bambi, says legendary coach Kevin Sheedy.


Former Bombers mentor Sheedy was reluctant on Wednesday to discuss the charges brought by the AFL against Essendon, their coach James Hird, Reid and two other senior officials as he didn’t know the content of the ASADA interim report they were based on.

But he threw his support behind long-time colleague Reid as Essendon and the four officials prepare to contest charges of bringing the game into disrepute over the club’s 2011-12 supplements program.

“Bruce Reid is my own family doctor and I’ve known him for nearly 40 years,” said Sheedy, who worked alongside Reid for all but the first year of his 27-year coaching reign at Essendon that yielded four premierships.

“He is well respected. It’s like putting a big gun in front of Bambi on this one.

“But good luck, because most people know the calibre of Bruce Reid.”

Sheedy believed Hird would be undaunted as he fights to save his reputation and job as coach of Essendon.

The commission has sweeping powers and can suspend Hird if it finds him guilty, as well as stripping Essendon of premiership points and taking away draft picks.

Hird has remained cool, composed and adamant of his innocence throughout the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority’s seven-month investigation of the supplements program.

Sheedy said Hird would continue to use the same courage he displayed on the field to battle the AFL and the charge against him.

“A young man like James Hird runs out there, has his skull fractured in five or six places, then has the courage to come back,” Sheedy said.

“He’s always shown an enormous amount of courage.

“You’ve got to be very courageous to take on the AFL in this matter, and that’s what he’s going to do.”

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