This is the same Jeb Bush who was governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007, is the son of President George H.


Bush and younger brother of President George W. Bush. Jeb’s weekend PR blitz is not the kind of activity someone seeking a low profile undertakes. Bush 3.0’s TV tour was a platform to push a book – a perspective on America’s immigration “war”, no less – but was widely seen as an opportunity to dip his toe in the water for 2016.

Jeb said he considered a run for the White House in 2012 but claimed it was “not appropriate”. Well, that would be an understatement, especially when you consider that for every Republican candidate in the 2012 campaign the defining consensus was to never ever mention the disastrous Presidency of George. W. Bush, the effects of which the country is still reeling from.

Jeb, though, believes his brother’s presidency wasn’t as bad as it is made out to be (two long wars, the legality of one which is contested, economic meltdown, etc., etc., among other things) and history will be kinder to George W.’s eight-year term that today’s critics. Especially with that Iraq War thing that keeps getting in the way.

“You know, a lot of things in history change over time,” Jeb told CNN.

“I think people will respect the resolve that my brother showed, both in defending the country and the war in Iraq. But history will judge that in a more objective way than today. The war has wound down now and it’s still way too early to judge what success it had in providing some degree of stability in the region.”

If the former governor – and his elder brother – needs a gauge of stability in the region 10 years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and now that the war has “wound down”, he could do worse than check in at this website.

There he would see that so far this month 97 civilians in Iraq have been killed in violent incidents including gunfire, landmines, bombs, and IEDs. In February, the same website reported 349 civilians killed. In January, the site recorded 341 violent deaths. The victims included children, employees of the government’s Education ministry, a teacher, and a farmer and a shepherd who both trod on landmines as they wrangled their vegetables and sheep.

So, Jeb Bush 2016. Forget the old Bush, this is the new Bush. Of course, it’s less than two months since Barack Obama’s second term inauguration so it’s very early days but be certain this Bush 3.0 is weighing up his chances. And if Hillary Clinton gets into the ring as the Democrat contender, as polls suggest that she should, then the next Presidential campaign may well turn into a dynastical death match.

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