Ann Marie Kite, hired to salvage Jackson’s reputation after child molestation allegations emerged, said she feared his accuser’s family had been “hunted down like dogs” by the star’s aides.

Ms Kite was called by prosecutors in a bid to prove Jackson and his aides were so panicked by the broadcast of a damaging documentary that they plotted to kidnap his 13-year-old alleged victim to save the star’s image.

In the documentary, by British journalist Martin Bashir, Jackson is seen holding hands with his future accuser and admit he often slept in the same bed as children.

Ms Kite told the jury she was hired by former Jackson attorney David LeGrand on February 9th, three days after the US broadcast of the film.

“Michael Jackson was to begin an immediate rehabilitation of his image,” she said of her work, which lasted only six days before she was fired, allegedly for refusing to sign a confidentiality pact.

Ms Kite said that on February 13, 2003 she received a phone call from a Jackson business associate, Marc Schaffel, who said tJackson’s teenage accuser, his mother and siblings had left Neverland where they had been staying.

The publicist said she began to worry about the family when she spoke to Mr Schaffel again later that day, who said “the situation had been contained.”

She said 10 days after she was fired she spoke to Mr LeGrand again who told her there was no longer any need to worry about the accuser’s mother speaking out against Jackson.

Mr LeGrand allegedly told her that “they had her on tape and they were going to make her look like a crack whore,” Ms Kite told the jurors.

Jackson has denied 10 charges of child molestation, plying the boy with alcohol in order to seduce him and an alleged conspiracy to kidnap the boy and his family.

Jackson’s lawyer Thomas Mesereau hit back at Ms Kite’s testimony, saying there was no evidence the star was involved in a conspiracy to kidnap the family.

He said the five Jackson business associates accused of involvement in the kidnap plot had worked independently of the entertainer who was unaware of their activities.

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