The singer eventually appeared at the Californian court more than an hour late, looking distressed and wearing pajamas and slippers.

Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville had earlier issued an arrest warrant for Jackson and threatened to revoke his US$3m (A$3.8m) bail, but told lawyers he would hold it for one hour.

Jackson’s defence lawyer Thomas Mesereau told the court the 46-year-old had suffered a severe back problem and was being treated in hospital.

When Jackson did arrive, a few minutes past the deadline, Mr Melville told the jury he didn’t want them to draw any negative inferences from the fact that Jackson did not appear or that the judge had to order him to appear.

During proceedings Jackson’s accuser told the court the singer plied him with him wine and urged the boy to keep quiet about the drinking.

The now 15-year-old former cancer patient also claimed that while staying at the star’s Neverland Ranch, he and his brother frequently drank wine and vodka with Jackson.

He also testified that Jackson served him alcohol, which he called “Jesus Juice”, in a hotel suite in Miami and aboard his private jet.

The boy said during a flight on Jackson’s jet from Miami to California in February 2003, the star handed him a coke can that was apparently filled with wine.

“He said, ‘you know how Jesus drank wine, well we call it Jesus juice,'” the boy said.

Before Jackson’s plane took off on the return trip to California, the boy claimed Jackson gave him an expensive watch.

“He said not to tell anyone about the Jesus juice and said this is like a symbol that we’ll be friends forever,” the boy said on his second day of testimony.

The boy also told jurors that his mother feared for her children’s lives at Neverland.

“She told me that she was afraid they were going to kill us and that she wanted to leave,” the boy said without specifying who his mother was scared of.

Jackson faces 10 charges, including molesting the then 13-year-old boy, plying him with alcohol to seduce him, and allegedly conspiring to kidnap him and his family.

The star has denied all charges and maintains that the boy’s mother is out for financial gain.

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