The Boeing 737 belonging to private airline Kam Air, was on a flight from the western city of Herat to Kabul on Thursday, said Atilla Kamgar, the airline’s financial controller.

He said the plane contacted Peshawar airport about an hour after it was turned away from Kabul because of heavy snow that had closed the airport.

“It was given clearance to land, but it never arrived,” Mr Kamgar told Reuters. “Lahore airport earlier reported to us that it had landed in Peshawar, then when we contacted Peshawar they told us it had not landed.”

Pakistani aviation officials said the plane had never made any contact.

Jehangir Khan, operations director of Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority, said Afghan authorities contacted Pakistan on Thursday at about 4:50 p.m. Pakistan time (6:50 a.m. EST) regarding the missing aircraft, but it had not entered Pakistani air space.

“I can confirm that no request was ever made by any captain of any Afghan aircraft to land at any airport in Pakistan,” he said.

“No Afghan aircraft has entered our airspace, we have also checked with defense authorities and all said no plane entered” he said.

A spokesman for the U.S. military in Afghanistan said the plane had been reported missing to them.

It had not landed at any U.S.-led coalition airfields in Afghanistan.

Kam Air opened as Afghanistan’s only private airline in November 2003.

It flies leased aircraft between Kabul and Dubai and Istanbul and operates several domestic routes.

In September, an Antonov-24 operated by the airline slewed off the runway while landing at Kabul airport, slightly injuring some of the 27 passengers aboard, apparently after experiencing engine trouble.

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